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Verizon Releases Iphone 4 Could Bring Apple Millions of iPhone Users

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It is already expected by Apple watchers that Verizon could generate millions of unit sales of Apple’s iPhone 4 this year. Many analysts estimate that Apple may sell from 9 to 12 million iPhone 4 units. A huge sales estimate that could give Apple a boost in phone’s competitive market.

Verizon is expected to reveal its release this Tuesday in a news event in New York City but it is unclear if when the iPhones will be available. Verizon and Apple competitors are scratching their heads on how to overcome this biggest business challenge. If you are in New York, you could attend and see if you can get some free iPhones there. But if you are far from there, you can always get a free iPhone 4G Verizon in advance by visiting this link.

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Test and Keep Verizon iPhone 4G

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Get Free Red Nintendo Wii

As part of continuous promotions to save declining Wii sales, Nintendo is offering free Red Wii to qualified American gamers and console enthusiasts. Nintendo has also released wide variety of new Wii bundles to European consumers. Nintendo offers different colors to European market but the free wii available for Americans comes in red with all previous and current enhancements and features.

The red Wii will also be available in Europe this coming December 2, 2010. If you are from Europe, you can wait for that date or bookmark this blog for update.

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Upgraded Macbook Air: Thin, Fast, Delightful

Free Macbook Air

The new Macbook Air is like a compressed laptop with delightful design. Even before, the main appeal of Macbook Air is its thin design. It is handy and more convenient to use for everyone, especially for travelers. The new design is more compact than the old one but don’t think its lack of features – the new design add one more USB port and an SD card reader. How fantastic!

Unlike most most notebooks with limited “QUERTY” size, all Macbook modems have full size keyboards. My weakness is poor keyboards so this is one of the best notebooks for me.

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Interesting! Everything is pink and free! The innovation continues as Apple produces more interesting products in magnificent variations. These pink Apple products are available for free to all qualified consumers.

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Apple VS Dell Laptop: Get One For Free

Get Apple Macbook Pro laptop

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The debate on which laptop is better between Apple and Dell continues. Most say Apple is better but there’s also a lot of consumers saying Dell is better. To find out which of these machines are better, one should try both of them. But of course its a no brainer to purchase both laptops just to try.

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Free Apple iPod Touch : Apple continues to give away free products

I think it’s already a part of Apple’s strategy to give away free products like this free iPod Touch. While giving away thousands of free apple products, the competition among retailers are just getting stronger and stronger resulting to promotions and free offers like this.

Free Apple iPod Touch

This free Apple iPod Touch is not a new product from Apple but it’s features and usability is still one of the leading handheld pocket PCs. Other companies re trying to compete but failed. Apple is having the bigger share of the market.

Now, if you want to own this fabulous ipod, you don’t need to struggle keeping a small chunk of your payday. Just click the image below, answer simple questions and bang!

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