Test and Keep Free Pink iPhone, Pink iPad, and Pink Macbook

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Interesting! Everything is pink and free! The innovation continues as Apple produces more interesting products in magnificent variations. These pink Apple products are available for free to all qualified consumers.

Even if you already own a standard iPad in black, you must love this free pink iPad. Try and see if you are qualified by clicking the image below.

It’s always a good feeling if your things comes in uniform, so the pink iPhone is also available. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you would love this pink iPhone.

And last but not the least, this ping Macbook is also a hot addition to the pinkies above. You have nothing to lose. Get all of these pink free Apple products and be proud of having them.

The above offer is available on limited time only and inside US. Time is gold and who knows, these free products might not be available sooner than we expected so grab yours now!

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  1. audrina says:

    When I was going to redeem the pride I had won it would not let me enter my zip code please fix that!

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