$1,000 Cash Plus 10% Salary Increase For Google Employees on 2010

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While America and the rest of the world is still suffering from recession, Google Employees are celebrating coming 2011. Report says the increase will be implemented on January 2011 across all Google Offices wordwide. According to Henry Blodget of Business Insider, Google would also give its employee an additional raise equivalent to employee’s target bonus for 2011, with Google paying for the taxes on the cash bonuses.

Google is one of the top employers in the world and is listed number 4 in Fortune’s lists of 200 best companies to work with. It is also one of the top target of students to work after graduation.

With around 23,331 employees worldwide, Google is expected to give away hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses and even more in salary increase. Google is still the leading and number one online business having billions of dollars in annual net income.

Google is also the top choice of students in the field of business and engineering. 130,000 students made Google their top choice as the most attractive employer, in a survey released last September by Universum.

Though a few perks have been cut in recent years, Google last year increased 401(k) matching and added a stock-option exchange program to help employees with underwater options. And engineers still get to devote 20% of their time to projects of their choosing,” explained Fortune why it ranked Google as fourth in the list.

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