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free dell laptop

» Test and Keep the Dell XPS Laptop FREE «

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Dell’s Extreme Performance System (XPS) Laptop is in the top of the line among gaming computers. No wonder why this model is highly sought by people who love to play games online. Dell XPS is designed to a heavy duty usage. This means its durability is proven and tested.

Now, due to its high sales, Dell is doing some major upgrades in XPS features and functionality. How they test the new features before releasing the latest edition is by giving away free Dell XPS samples to anyone who is qualified. Yes, these laptops are given away for free if you are qualified. You can test and keep this Dell XPS by clicking the image above and submit your valid email and zip code so that a dispatch representative can reach you with further details.

Today, buying a high performance laptop like this Dell XPS is not a first option if you can get it here for free testing. Act now and test and keep this Free Dell XPS laptop.

This offer is expired – so either Get Macbook or get Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever laptop you want

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33 Responses to “Free Test and Keep Dell XPS Laptop”

  1. Tiffany Fisher says:

    I would love to test your Dell laptop. I had a Dell home computer for about 6 years but a friend of mine used it and it crashed. I have been without a computer for 2 yrs and I feel so lost. Could you please help me? Forever Greatful Tiffany

  2. Gavera says:

    I would really love to test your product but I am unable to test as it is not valid in my country. Would kindly open testing to my country. I really would love to test your product.

    Gavera Ovia

  3. ogbolu sylvester says:

    please help me with a laptop god bless you as do that

  4. Vankay says:

    Give me a try ever since i bought a computer Ive never bought a Dell computer, i guess this is the time for me to give it a try

  5. tranisha says:

    I have been looking for a laptop for years, but i havent had the money to get one…. the time is now

  6. tranisha says:

    Really ready to test a dell laptop….. been lookin for one for years but my finances was horrible

  7. Susan says:

    Iv tried everything to get one of these babies… I sooooo cant wait to get my hands on one!!

  8. Shyam Bora says:

    Please …..Please give me a free laptop for free in India

  9. chrid says:

    Please send me a free laptop to test out I am tired of using my slow desk top computer. I could really use one for college and cant afforda new one with all I need for school.

  10. nadeem says:

    please help me i want a laptop my laptop was broken could you plese give me the laptop

  11. PIETER says:

    Please help me with a laptop, mine is sooooo old lol
    Thank You
    Regards Pieter

  12. Tegan Bellamy says:

    I’m 44yrs old,have three grown children and seven grandchildren. I am on social security and cannot afford a laptop these days. I would really love to be able to test and keep one of your laptops. It would be a very useful to me for a few reasons. One being able to keep in contact with my loved ones and friend s. Although, my biggest most & important reaseon,is to be able to stay connected to the outside world and learn as much as i can from my home. I don’t do well with crowds so,I spend majority of my time at my home. Could you please take me into consideration for one of your laptops? Thank you for your time.

  13. Jared says:

    I REALLY WANNA TEST YOUR LAPTOP. my laptop is a piece of junk and I am in the military. I would love to have one.

  14. joshua says:

    I’m trying to get supplies for collage and would appreciate the chance to use your new laptop for my future career

  15. Ajit Kumar says:

    I want to test the product . I also need a laptop if u will give me I shall be very thankful to u .

  16. Ben Ross says:

    I would like to be a tester for your product and let you k ow if it’s better are worse

  17. Connie says:

    Interested in taking some online college programs, can’t afford a laptop at this time. Would love to test one of your dell xps, macbook air, or macbook pro’s custom colors on either would be great.Eventually once I can afford one I would like to have a dell inspiron 17’5000 model, dell inspiron 17′ 7000. Can you send me some information on becoming a tester, I’ve always wanted to test,give my opinions, and keep products. Having one of these fabulous computers would be awesome. Looking forward to testing right away thanks…

  18. kristi says:

    I really would like the oppertunity to push this lab top to its limits. So im willing to give it a workout.

  19. manuel matos says:

    I would like to try out the Dell xps laptop it would be a pleasure. It would also be my first laptop. Looking forward to enjoying & giving input on your product

  20. Eva Mendoza says:

    In need of laptop very badly would love to try your new laptop.

  21. Jasmine says:

    I need a laptop for school but cant afford one…..plz help!!!

  22. Mark L says:

    Please send me a free laptop. I’m working hard trying to support my family. And just can’t afford a laptop as well. Having this laptop will open up more job opportunities to better support my family. Hoping you send me one.

    A working hard dad

  23. Asarelah says:

    I desperately need a laptop to run an online degree course.Help me with your laptop Thanks

  24. Asarelah says:

    I desparetly need a laptop to run an online degree course. l can not afford one due to financial constrain.The online degree is being sponsored and am expected to procure a laptop Thanks

  25. shahiema says:

    Hi I am wanting to sign up as a dell product tester where do I do this would appreciate your input. Thanks

  26. Emmanuel says:

    I would like to try one of your laptops since the old one got spoilt 2 years back

  27. choice me i love it so much

  28. Karen Johnson says:

    I am a disabled senior citizen trying to that needs to be connected with the internet I stay in a very small Studio what’s only TV local channels

  29. Karen Johnson says:

    I am a 61 senior Living in a small Studio no access to Internet

  30. Chika says:

    My daughter really need a laptop

  31. Chhangtea says:

    I need a laptop to learn something about maybe everything, but i cant afford.Please can you sent me for your laptop tester,if you will give me i shall be very thankful to you.i say again PLEASE GIVE ME FOR YOUR KINDNESS

  32. Braxton says:

    Free laptop

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