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Keep an iPad and iPhone 4 FREE

Keep an iPad and iPhone 4 FREE

The latest iPhone release – version 4 is still the hottest smartphone available (well at least till the release of iPhone 5). And if I’ll ask you what’s the hottest currently available tablet – I’m pretty sure you will say iPad. You might love it or hate it, but for both groups here is an offer: test and keep an iPad and iPhone 4 FREE.

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Free Apple iPad 2

Free Aplle iPad 2

The new Apple iPad – improved “older brother” of first generation iPad comes with slightly changed dimensions – it’s thinner now, faster processor – finally dual-core, twice amount of memory – 512MB, two cameras and more. But for most users will be the most interesting fact that despite the new iPad2 is thinner, lighter and faster, battery should still last for same 10 hours. It also comes with great cover (offered in 10 colors) and also completely in white. So if you want to find what’s the iPad hype all about, or you own iPad and thinking of upgrade, click and try to get an Apple iPad 2 for free.

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Get Apple iPad

Get apple iPad

» Get the new iPad «

The most popular Apple product on the planet once again is available to loyal Apple customers. This Apple iPad is out for grab so if you are planning to buy an iPad for you or as a gift, try here first and get hold of your money.

Our sponsors have been giving away electronics for testing for a while now and you are lucky to find this iPad offer.

All you need to do is to click on the image above and follow the instruction.

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Get a Free Pink iPad

free pink ipad
Be the first to own one of the Apple’s newest iPad designs, the free Pink Apple iPad! Yes, our sponsors – biggest online retailers are giving away dozens of free pink iPads this Holiday season. If you are from United States and love to use this fantastic gadget, click on the image and submit your details to receive this free reward (details apply).

Even if you already have an iPad, you still have a chance to get this one. You can also give it to your love ones as a Christmas Gift. The free pink iPad has all the same features as an ordinary and original color iPad but there are some surprise upgrades including the hard disc capacity and memory. If you love electronics, this free iPad is for you.

They say pink is just for women but no. There are also lots of guys who love pink. If you are one of them, submit your application for Free Pink iPad by clicking here. Good luck!

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Test and Keep Free Pink iPhone, Pink iPad, and Pink Macbook

Interesting! Everything is pink and free! The innovation continues as Apple produces more interesting products in magnificent variations. These pink Apple products are available for free to all qualified consumers.

Even if you already own a standard iPad in black, you must love this free pink iPad. Try and see if you are qualified by clicking the image below.

It’s always a good feeling if your things comes in uniform, so the pink iPhone is also available. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you would love this pink iPhone.

And last but not the least, this ping Macbook is also a hot addition to the pinkies above. You have nothing to lose. Get all of these pink free Apple products and be proud of having them.

The above offer is available on limited time only and inside US. Time is gold and who knows, these free products might not be available sooner than we expected so grab yours now!

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Get a Free Pink iPhone 3G

Outside USA, please select your country for available offers

This is a unique free offer. I honestly don’t understand why our sponsor specifically offers this free iPhone in Pink, and not in any other colors. Perhaps pink has meaning to them, or it might have been bringing luck and fortune to them.. whatever…

Girl in Pink, get your free Pink iPhone 3G for free. This offer is best for girls and teens. if you already have an iPhone but still you wanted a Pink iPhone, you still can qualify. iPhone product testers, please click HERE.. You may also email your friends regarding this free iphone offer.

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Test and Keep Free Apple iPad

This offer expired – get a Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever iPad you want!

Test and Keep Free Apple iPad


» Get the new iPad FREE «


Apple is giving you chance to test and keep iPad – its newest and most powerful product. Is this true? Yes, since Apple launched iPad couple of months ago, retailers and dealers started giving away free iPads to boost their sales and to remain on top of competition. You don’t need to have a credit card or make any purchase. Its totally free as long as you are living in US.
This type of offer are not only applicable for iPads. Most consumer electronics and household products comes with free samples. These samples are part of advertising budget. You cannot sell a new product without giving a sample.

Since you are reading this page already, why don’t you try your luck? Get your free Apple iPad now, CLICK HERE.

This offer expired – get a Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever iPad you want!

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