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Keep an iPad and iPhone 4 FREE

Keep an iPad and iPhone 4 FREE

The latest iPhone release – version 4 is still the hottest smartphone available (well at least till the release of iPhone 5). And if I’ll ask you what’s the hottest currently available tablet – I’m pretty sure you will say iPad. You might love it or hate it, but for both groups here is an offer: test and keep an iPad and iPhone 4 FREE.

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Free Apple iPad 2

Free Aplle iPad 2

The new Apple iPad – improved “older brother” of first generation iPad comes with slightly changed dimensions – it’s thinner now, faster processor – finally dual-core, twice amount of memory – 512MB, two cameras and more. But for most users will be the most interesting fact that despite the new iPad2 is thinner, lighter and faster, battery should still last for same 10 hours. It also comes with great cover (offered in 10 colors) and also completely in white. So if you want to find what’s the iPad hype all about, or you own iPad and thinking of upgrade, click and try to get an Apple iPad 2 for free.

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