Verizon Releases Iphone 4 Could Bring Apple Millions of iPhone Users

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It is already expected by Apple watchers that Verizon could generate millions of unit sales of Apple’s iPhone 4 this year. Many analysts estimate that Apple may sell from 9 to 12 million iPhone 4 units. A huge sales estimate that could give Apple a boost in phone’s competitive market.

Verizon is expected to reveal its release this Tuesday in a news event in New York City but it is unclear if when the iPhones will be available. Verizon and Apple competitors are scratching their heads on how to overcome this biggest business challenge. If you are in New York, you could attend and see if you can get some free iPhones there. But if you are far from there, you can always get a free iPhone 4G Verizon in advance by visiting this link.

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