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This offer expired – so either Get Macbook (if you are an Apple fan) or get Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever laptop you want!

free dell laptop

If you prefer Apple, click here for a Macbook Pro »

Its back! Dell is continuously giving away free XPS laptops. I thought the promos was ended last week but new supplies are still coming in and more people are still getting their free Dell laptops. This is truly amazing!

To maintain the bigger market share and apparently the number 1 position in laptop sales ahead of HP, Dell is making its empire bigger and bigger by giving away more free laptops to target consumers in US. No other electronic company has ever done this before. Dell has been giving away free laptops for quite sometime now and it seems their promotional budget for this is still pouring in. This is a good news for us, consumers.

To qualify, you must be a US residents. Just click the image above and fill up the simple form to submit your contact and shipping address. Take this opportunity for granted.

This offer is expired – so either Get Macbook or get Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever laptop you want

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21 Responses to “Get Free Dell Laptop For Free”

  1. Greg Jenkins says:

    I wish. It would help me

  2. Birindwa says:

    I would like to receive a free laptop gift from you to help me in my research for phd in theology.

  3. susan alhaqq says:

    im trying to get a free laptop so i can do home school

  4. Linda Hallberg says:

    I desperately need a laptop to get my business started & my daughter needs it for school.
    Thank you

  5. Amanda Osher says:

    I am trying to get started with school and a laptop for my online classes would be greatly appreciated

  6. samdrup Gyeltshen says:

    I needed desparately for my school.

  7. samdrup Gyeltshen says:

    Need of laptop

  8. Pj Colston says:

    I really need a laptop to start my college online classes. It would really help if i got it this way because im just getting by. Honestly…Thanks

  9. for real i need a dell laptop for my university studies because i tested one for sometime and it was so durable the only problem i had, was that it was for my friend, so i will be great if i win one for myself… thanks.

  10. $real i need a free laptop to help me for university studies…

  11. jamith says:

    i need a laptop for my education. i have no enough money to buy one.

  12. chris says:

    i recently was homeless a laptop would help me to find a job. i wouldnt have to worry about a time limit at the library.

  13. Fredo says:

    I am in college student and i need a free Apple laptop for my studies and pratical studies !!!!

  14. Rakesh kumar says:

    i am collage student and i need laptop ,i am from a middle class so i want free laptop

  15. Diana says:

    I want a laptop so that ithe would help me for online classes and other researches….

  16. Riel S says:

    I’ll need a laptop myself, I am eager to join the internet and become a part of the internet village.

  17. Andulsalam says:

    I need laptop because it will help me to study English
    Thank you

  18. Abel Amene says:

    I’m from Africa and my family can’t afford to buy me a laptop. I want to study software engineering please help me?

  19. kondapuram srinivasulu shiva prasad says:

    i wante a laptos to do work

  20. Youssef says:

    this helps my daughter to finish her study. plz if possible in algeria (north africa)


  21. Aubrey phiri says:

    I cannot manage to buy new or even old laptop because of my family status for being poor.i have completed Malawi secondary education but I had been told to buy new laptop for studies of information and communication technology course at Our technical college and my ambition is to built Laptop written made in Malawi and to improve higher technology development.please have mercy on me sir.

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