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Free Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet-Netbook

Free Dell Inspiron Duo
The new ultra portable Dell Inspiron Duo with innovative design is a 10″ netbook that looks like a regular netbook until its 10.1″ high resolution screen rotates vertically and folds over the keyboard (BTW excellent keyboard) to reveal a tablet transformation. Click now and get the new Dell Inspiron Duo netbook FREE.

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Get a Free Apple Store Gift Card

» Get Free $2,000 Apple Store Gift Card

Are you an Apple fan? Or do you want to finally try out the new Mac, iPod or iPad? If so, we have a special offer for you. Free $1000 Apple Store Gift Card that can be used to buy any Apple product. The choice is yours … the new 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G or MacBook or the improved MacBook Air? Don’t know which one to choose? Visit any of the Apple Stores in US and just spend some time there, play with the products and you will find something.

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Free Test and Keep Dell XPS Laptop

This offer expired – so either Get Macbook (if you are an Apple fan) or get Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever laptop you want!

free dell laptop

» Test and Keep the Dell XPS Laptop FREE «

If you prefer Apple, click here for a Macbook Pro »

Dell’s Extreme Performance System (XPS) Laptop is in the top of the line among gaming computers. No wonder why this model is highly sought by people who love to play games online. Dell XPS is designed to a heavy duty usage. This means its durability is proven and tested.

Now, due to its high sales, Dell is doing some major upgrades in XPS features and functionality. How they test the new features before releasing the latest edition is by giving away free Dell XPS samples to anyone who is qualified. Yes, these laptops are given away for free if you are qualified. You can test and keep this Dell XPS by clicking the image above and submit your valid email and zip code so that a dispatch representative can reach you with further details.

Today, buying a high performance laptop like this Dell XPS is not a first option if you can get it here for free testing. Act now and test and keep this Free Dell XPS laptop.

This offer is expired – so either Get Macbook or get Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever laptop you want

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Get Free Dell Inspiron Duo

free dell duo It has been a tradition for Dell to give away free laptops from their new model and this time, they retailers are giving away free Dell Inspiron Duo. For everyone’s information, the Dell Inspiron is one of the best laptop models Dell has to offer. It is a state of the art technology combined with great features.

If you are living in United States, this is your best shot to take this free laptop. All you need to do is to click that image above and follow the simple instruction. is not asking you to pay and so there’s no need to worry. For more free laptops and free products, see out category and other lists below.

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Get Free Dell Adamo Laptop This Christmas

This offer expired – so either Get Macbook (if you are an Apple fan) or get Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever laptop you want!

This is a very special offer from one of our sponsors. This free Dell Adamo is a very unique product and another masterpiece by Dell. There are several offers by Dell found in this website but the Dell Adamo is the latest offers they released for Christmas.

As always, our sponsors are generous enough to give back something to the consumers especially this Christmas holiday. If you are planning to buy a new Dell laptop, hold your money and get this free Dell Adamo by just submitting your shipping details. You must be a US resident to qualify to this offer. Click the image above or get it here.

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This offer expired – so either Get Macbook (if you are an Apple fan) or get Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever laptop you want!

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Get Free Electronics

This offer expired – get Prepaid Visa and buy whatever you want!

This is the biggest offer from one of our top sponsors so far. They are giving away a wide range of electronic products due to coming year end inventory. If you are from United States, you can avail this once in a life time offer. Click on image above to see what gift is still available for you. Remember that everything here is free as long as you follow the rules on how these things works.

This offer expired – get Prepaid Visa and buy whatever you want!

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Dell vs HP: Dell Overtakes HP

Dell has finally overtaken its arch-rival HP in the desktop PC segment on September quarter of 2010 and came out No.1 in terms of overall shipments including laptops. Higher marketing spending and better product promotion strategies helped Dell achieved this success over HP.

Market research firms IDC and Gartner shows DEll gaining 17% of market share against HP’s 13-14% in September of this year. IN IDC’s study released on Friday, Dell gained primarily on desktop sale at Indian market for the first time with 9.8% on market share, followed by rival HP on second, and Acer on third.

The takeover of market share is considered by Dell a sea-change and breakthrough from the year-ago period when Dell was behind 6% from HP’s 16% market share, while Dell struggling with 10%.