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Get a Free Apple Store Gift Card

» Get Free $2,000 Apple Store Gift Card

Are you an Apple fan? Or do you want to finally try out the new Mac, iPod or iPad? If so, we have a special offer for you. Free $1000 Apple Store Gift Card that can be used to buy any Apple product. The choice is yours … the new 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G or MacBook or the improved MacBook Air? Don’t know which one to choose? Visit any of the Apple Stores in US and just spend some time there, play with the products and you will find something.

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Get a Macbook Air for Free in Custom Color

This is an extremely generous offer. It seems Apple is testing what colors are popular. Yes, pick your own color and get a Macbook Air for Free. With the recent release of iPad bringing millions if not billions of dollars of profit to Apple, I think its safe to say that Apple can afford to give away even thousands of free Macbooks for adverting and promotion purposes.

Whether you like Macbook or not, you could not just ignore this free offer. Some members of your family might want to use it so why don’t try? There is no purchase necessary or no need to enter credit card details. This is totally free and part of advertising campaigns to boost their sales. Choose your Apple Macbook now and get it for free.

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Get Sony Vaio or Apple Macbook Pro for Free

Outside USA, please select your country for available offers

By answering a simple survey, you have a chance to get any of these 2 fantastic laptops. Industry experts are determining which products are more popular over the other so they are setting this kind of simple survey.

Who don’t want to receive any of these 2 laptops? I don’t think someone would ignore this offer when you don’t have to pay for something to join, or purchase any item to get qualified, or enter your credit card details to get listed. This is totally free, no string attached, and a total legit offer from top consumer electronics store.

Answer the question by clicking on the banner above and pick your choice. Or answer this “Sony Vaio or Macbook Pro“?

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