Test and Keep a Free iPhone 3G / iPhone 4

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Test and Keep Apple iPhone

Have you ever asked to test a product and keep it after the trial use? Probably not. All manufactured products have units for free testing and you are too lucky to find this page. Test this free iPhone and keep it for your self. This is one in a million offer and not all Internet users have the chance to test it. Even if you don’t want to own an iPhone, you can resist this free offer.

Why companies are doing this? New and even existing products needs consumer reviews. The success of the product depends on consumer reviews. Products with positive consumer reviews always in high demand and products with poor reviews barely sell.

Endorsers and online stores selling iPhone always needs positive reviews to boost their sales. Part of their advertising budget is to give away free units to have reviews. How can you give a poor review to an excellent product? What more if you got the product for free? Simple as that.

So if you want to give positive consumer review, test this free iPhone and keep it for your self.

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  1. vickie bass says:

    id like to test new product and keep them

  2. vickie bass says:

    am very intersted in trying new products coming out on the market

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