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» Get the new Apple Macbook Air FREE «

With tight competition among manufacturers nowadays, getting free electronics is not a difficult thing to do anymore. Product endorsers of Apple have been giving away free apple products for years and one of the best is the free Macbook Air they are offering recently.

The process is still the same. All you need to do is to complete a simple task in sort of opinion or survey, or just submit your email address and zip code in order to be included in the list.

These companies are spending millions of dollars in advertising and promotion, and giving away products like this free macbook air is just a small part of their advertising budget.

My 13-year old first cousin who is living in Pomona, California with his parents received a brand new apple macbook air for free inducing shipping. And he didn’t expected it. The award came after he submitted her mother’s email address and name because he don’t have one. Click here to get your macbook air for free.

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