JooJoo Tablet PC Phases Out

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JooJoo, a tablet computer that started up last year and released last February is being discontinued. Fusion Garage, JooJoo’s maker won’t be updating its software, nor developing any new JooJoo products. Instead, Fusion Garage plans to develop new devices with larger or smaller screens and will be available on 2011.

High-profile technology blogger Michael Arrington of TechCrunch sued Fusion Garage in late 2009 after the implosion of a joint effort between the two companies to build the CrunchPad, a cheap tablet for Web surfing. Fusion Garage announced it would sell the device under a new name, without Arrington’s involvement.

Fusion Garage released JooJoo last February for $500 and won’t reveal the real number of units sold.

The federal lawsuit filed by Arrington is ongoing.

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