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Again, like all the other Call of Duty games, Black Ops lives up to their standards offering an engrossing and fast-paced campaign, along with a great story line. The multiplayer is even more frantic than ever offering a huge variety of maps from the fast paced and packed with action map Nuketown and the icy grip and vast expanses of WMD. The cap level in Black Ops has been changed to fifty but with a prestige cap of fifteen, five more than that of Modern Warfare 2. Of course, like in all the other Call of Duty games new weapons, perks and equipment have been added to the game.

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As you may already know Infinity Ward and Treyarch take turns in making and designing the next Call of Duty. If you remember Call of Duty: World at War then you will know that the game had a spine tingling mini-game called CoD zombies. Well it is back and even scarier than ever with six maps, including the two you unlock with the cheat at the beginning of the game.

The campaign is largely based in the Cold War so you find yourself going to many places around the globe that were involved in the war such as Vietnam, Cuba and Russia. When you first play the game, in the menu, you find yourself sitting down in a chair inside an interrogation room and it turns out that the opposing team has captured you and they are trying to piece together the information inside your head. So it turns out that the levels you play in the campaign are actually flashbacks of your past life. One of the main reasons I find the campaign so fun to play is the fact that it all eventually makes sense once you have played through it, as at first you have absolutely no clue what was going on.

Overall I have got to say Black Ops lives up to its standards, the multiplayer is as good as ever, the campaign is as engrossing and tense at it always has been and the CoD zombies is even more thrilling than ever. The great thing about the game is the fact that the publisher Treyarch have released so many map packs, keeping us entertained and I have got to say it works as usually I find after a while I get bored of waiting for new content but this time I haven’t had a chance to.

Unfortunately I do have a few bad points that I have to point out, like the fact that the campaign is a little too short, but this in some ways is not a bad thing as the campaign is so thrilling and fast paced in some respects it overcomes the view of it being too short, but at the end of the day a fast paced game is going to fly by. Don’t let this put you off though as the campaign is great, and anyway if you are not one of those people who play the campaign then I recommend you to get it just because the multiplayer and zombie mode are great. And now you can get Call of Duty Black Ops game FREE.

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