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Test and Keep a Free iPhone 3G

Another amazing offer from Apple. iPhone is one of Apple’s trademark products and not its available for free. if you are thinking that this is just a joke, you are wrong.

This is a legit offer coming from one of the biggest consumer retail stores in United States. Sorry, I forgot to mention, this offer is available for US residents only. The reason why they are giving away this Apple iPhone for free is simple because its a part of their advertising and promotion to boost their sales. Now get a free iPhone for free. You may also tell your friends regarding this offer. No need to purchase anything to get qualified and no credit card necessary.

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Free Apple iPhone 4G

Outside USA, please select your country for available offers

This is amazing. Apple once again is giving away it free Apple iPhone 5S to lucky people. There is no purchase necessary. There is no credit card needed. This offer is available only to people who are living in United States.

Why they are giving away this great product? Retailers and dealers have thousands of dollars in advertising budget and this is just a part of their promotion. Giving away free Apple Iphone 5S and letting people test it could actually boost their sales.

Now it’s your turn. Just click the image above, enter your email or zip code and wait for the iphone delivered to your door.

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