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Get Free Dell Laptop For Free

This offer expired – so either Get Macbook (if you are an Apple fan) or get Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever laptop you want!

free dell laptop

If you prefer Apple, click here for a Macbook Pro »

Its back! Dell is continuously giving away free XPS laptops. I thought the promos was ended last week but new supplies are still coming in and more people are still getting their free Dell laptops. This is truly amazing!

To maintain the bigger market share and apparently the number 1 position in laptop sales ahead of HP, Dell is making its empire bigger and bigger by giving away more free laptops to target consumers in US. No other electronic company has ever done this before. Dell has been giving away free laptops for quite sometime now and it seems their promotional budget for this is still pouring in. This is a good news for us, consumers.

To qualify, you must be a US residents. Just click the image above and fill up the simple form to submit your contact and shipping address. Take this opportunity for granted.

This offer is expired – so either Get Macbook or get Prepaid Visa Card and buy whichever laptop you want

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