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Get Free Red Nintendo Wii

As part of continuous promotions to save declining Wii sales, Nintendo is offering free Red Wii to qualified American gamers and console enthusiasts. Nintendo has also released wide variety of new Wii bundles to European consumers. Nintendo offers different colors to European market but the free wii available for Americans comes in red with all previous and current enhancements and features.

The red Wii will also be available in Europe this coming December 2, 2010. If you are from Europe, you can wait for that date or bookmark this blog for update.

For the meantime, American consumers can enjoy the free nintendo wii while supply lasts and the promotion is on going. Get your free Nintendo Wii.

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Get Free Black Nintendo Wii

A stunning black Nintendo Wii is out for grab now. The leading gaming console is giving away free items for Nintendo testers. If you are fond of playing games online or offline, this is your best chance to grab this fantastic gadget.

Free Black Nintendo Wii

I already own a white Nintendo wii (also free from one of these offers), and I intend to get this black one. I love to collect, especially if it is free. I think fall in love with this Nintendo thing. I can’t let the day passed without playing my favorite games online.

If you are a US resident, just click the image above, enter your email, and expect follow-up information to complete and receive your free black nintendo wii for testing.

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