Free Laptops in Los Angeles and California Areas

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If you are living in Los Angeles and anywhere in California, this offer is just for you. Although this offer is available to all Americans, Californians are the first priority. Our sponsors are becoming more and more specific in targeting customers so these offers are custom made based on location.

No need to worry about the brand of free laptop you want to chose. We included almost everything. Just pick the best for you. The following is the lists of free laptops available in especially for California residents.

To people who are not living in California, but inside USA you may also try by visiting any of the links above. If your details is accepted, it means that the offer is valid in your area. These offer will be available soon to other major cities like Chicago, New York, Austin, Houston, Denver, Cleveland, and the rest of the US major territories. Just bookmark this page so that you will get updated about our incoming free laptop offers.

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  1. Brian Cervantes says:

    Hi I am Brian Cervantes, I am 16 years old, I studed computation for one year, but i donĀ“t have a good pc i have a notebook but it is very slow i need a Laptop with Intel Core i3 please


    I born in Mexico but I live in the United States

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